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MSEL Solid State Master Relay Professional Battery Isolator

MSEL Solid State Master Relay Professional Battery Isolator

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Meets all the FIA requirements for a battery isolator
Solid state using MOSFET technology with no moving parts
200A continuous current at 25 degrees C (1000A peak current)
Alternator discharge before disconnection of the battery to avoid load dump which can damage electronics in the vehicle
Switches positive
CAN-bus messaging for logging, diagnostics and safety
Reason for shut down (internal or external switch, over current, over temperature, CAN command to shut down etc)
Current passing through Master Relay
Voltage at Master Relay output
Voltage at Battery
Shut down command for other devices on CAN
LED status light
Autosport connector for switched inputs, ground, CAN and output trigger
Built in short protection
Supply voltage between 8 and 30V
0.001A current draw in standby mode
CNC aluminium case sealed to IP63



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